Well, and now you may think: "Knitting Madonna". What a name for a website. So here is a page, dedicated to knitting madonna's. Because I find them stunning and that's the reason for this name!
It all started when I became quite curious about the history of this powerful and elegant technique called knitting, both simple and incredibly complex. I started to read about it and discovered a lovely book: "The history of handknitting", written by Richard Rutt. And there she was, my first knitting madonna. When I saw here for the first time I could not believe my eyes, and it made me smile at once. She sits there in her gothic gazebo, with her golden aureole knitting in the round on four needles, wool in basket on the side... so homely. She was painetd between 1400 and 1410 by master Bertram von Minden. She is part of the Buxtehude altar piece and is the most wellknown Knitting Madonna.
Because ....she is not alone! You find a painted abundance of knitting saints if you search well enough. And lots of wool spinning and yarn winding colleagues on icons and altar pieces! That just makes me so happy!